Paweł Sobczak

Multiverse theory

I have thought a lot about whether to share with you the adventure I experienced in Amsterdam.
It is very controversial, but I hope you will treat it with respect.

One evening I tasted truffles for dinner with my friend.
They allowed us to get to know the place we come from.

During the cosmic journey I got to know the History of human development, I learned that he is very much.
Limited form. Our bodies are constantly crying out for approval.
We are forced to feed and clean them. There is no such need on my planet.
Finally, I understood why people are compared to people molded from clay in the image of a god.
The creatures of the cosmos are indescribable beautiful. Everyone on my planet wears the face as the main motive my paintings.

I learned from the inhabitants of my planet that art is a manifestation of the energy your soul comes from.

I realized that life is a fraction of a second, of what awaits us after it, and it is worth taking it with a distance.
In space, it doesn't matter who you are. Character traits are a side effect of the capsule you're in. You are pure energy.

I cried as I returned to this world. I would like to remain in this state for eternity, to be a heavenly body, energy and God. But I know I have a stuff to do. I must stay here for a while.