Paweł Sobczak

Multiverse theory

During my cosmic journey, I came to know the history of human development. I learned that it is a profoundly limited form; our bodies incessantly yearn for approval. We are compelled to nourish and cleanse them. Such necessity is nonexistent on my home planet. Finally, I comprehended the reason why humans are likened to beings molded from clay in the image of a deity. The creatures of the cosmos possess indescribable beauty.

I gleaned from the denizens of my world that art is a manifestation of the energy from which your soul emanates.

I realized that life is but a fleeting moment, a mere fraction of what awaits us thereafter, and it is valuable to embrace it with detachment. In the realm of space, one's identity holds no significance. Character traits are incidental to the vessel you inhabit. You are pure energy.

Tears welled up as I returned to this world. I wish to linger in this state for eternity, to become a celestial body, an embodiment of energy, a fragment of God. However, I recognize that I have tasks to fulfill. I must remain here for a while.