Paweł Sobczak

New world

On the first day of the existence of the new world, all the sources of the Great Abyss burst forth with a bang and the floodgates of heaven opened: For forty days and forty nights it rained on the earth. The waters rose and lifted the Boy above, for his lungs were filled with despair and death, distinguishing him from beings whose nostrils held the vitalizing breath of life. The boy's heart was still oppressed by thorns and flames came out of his veins. They allowed him to drift freely in the vastness of the water.

On the second day, due to the despair and death in the boy's body, the Lord left his execution, considering him dead. When more and more water came and its level rose high above the earth, His body floated on the surface of the waters. For the waters rose above the earth, and covered all the high mountains that were under the sky. All creatures that move on the earth, of birds, cattle, and other animals, and of all beings, of which there was a great multitude on the earth, perished along with all men.

And so on the third day their Lord utterly destroyed everything. Only the boy remained, and what was left in his heart.

On the fourth day, the Lord, forgetting the boy, caused a wind to blow over the whole earth and the waters began to recede. For the reservoirs of the Great Abyss were closed so that the rain stopped falling from the sky. The waters receded from the earth slowly but steadily, and after five days they subsided.

On Day Five, when the boy was the only living being on earth, he felt a terrible loneliness, and with that loneliness came a shadow. The sky merged with the earth, and a shadow hovered over the surface of the water, pouring water from two pitchers. The boy was terrified, but a luminous star appeared on the shadow's forehead, allowing him to feel peace and joy.

And it happened that the boy, on the sixth day, became a pearl diver, and he opened his eyes and felt the ground under his feet. And he found a sandbank inhabited by all sorts of crustaceans who fed him their flesh in exchange for the sad stories of the world he had seen in his past. And he extracted pearls from mollusks. They were to him the sweetest of all the riches in the world he had ever tasted. They gently teased his soul, calming his burning heart and loosening the drooping thorns.

And it happened on the seventh day that the boy, realizing the signs of a new earth, which he saw in the form of an approaching comet, cut off his finger as a sign of reconciliation with the shadow. And a dove flew out of his heart, and the boy fed him meat from his severed limb and sent him to carry the good news of his coming to a new land.