Paweł Sobczak

The birth of the Sun

At the beginning there was chaos.
Some would have seen everything in it others just saw a nothingness. However, there was no some and no others.Out of the void emerged 2 powerful divine beings. Father and mother. They were a united spirit. With conjoined effort they built universe that we live in. They made stars and galaxies. Father created one planet in secret to then give it to Mother as a remembrance gift of their existence. Mother named the planet “Earth” and contributed to the beginning of all beings who were to reside there from now on. She spent most of her time caring and nurturing father’s gift. One day those two Divine beings came to the conclusion that all their work was done and their existence became pointless. They knew the past and future of all the planets as well as the evolution of all living creatures and beings.

They have made decision to settle on Earth where death could come knocking on their doors. They have begun adventure to reach mortality creating beings that haven’t existed before. They broke free from all the power and knowledge and left it all behind to gain the gift of life and death. There was only a slight trace of magic left within, just its insufficient shadow, that they promised they wouldn't make use of. From their union they gave birth to many beings on Earth calling them humans.
Their last born child came into the world just after the summer solstice. It was a boy whose glow and brilliance stood out from all the human beings created before. They named him Sun after the star that brings light to plant Earth. The boy fed on Mother’s energy, which caused her near death.
Mother was not ready to die.
Her singing lured an animal. It was an old tiger who had enough vitality to grant mother’s survival. She ate his insides and used his flesh to cover her exhausted body. She used the last of her magic to unite herself with the animal.
This act kept her alive.
My birth cursed my mother with postpartum depression, therefore resulted in alcohol addiction. I was raised differently than other children.

I was raised by the Tiger who, despite her love for me, deeply wanted to eat me and the only way to live life without fear was Tiger's death.

My shine became a reflection of my self-approval.