Paweł Sobczak


„Objects intended for the magical ritual of communicating with your inner child and achieving harmony with him”.

The objects focus on elements of self-therapy. It is an attempt to reject negative experiences related to family history and to replace it with understanding and acceptance of the cultural context in which this history was created.

As a result, the artist changes the perspective by creating a new way of experiencing and understanding these experiences.

Sobczak in his objects refers to the levels of the psyche indicated by C.G. Jung - to consciousness, individual and collective unconscious. It focuses attention on the process in which information and experiences that are too strong, and at the same time dangerous for maintaining mental stability, end up in the area of the unconscious.

He analyzes her mysterious, hidden, private inheritance.
In this inheritance, he finds Jung's concepts of dreams, the shadow, and the inner child:

Shadow - tendencies and feelings that are automatically and spontaneously withdrawn from the conscious mind
Dreams - to inform about the level of personal consciousness, as well as how a human being strives to achieve mental balance;
Inner child - as the primary archetype of every human being, responsible for intuition and creativity, becoming a source of energy and inspiration.